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   Cartoon Body Choices
for Live Caricature Events


Do you daydream of swinging from spider webs?

Swimming into forgotten grottoes? Winning the MVP award?

Then my cartoon bodies are for you!

You can pick any one you want, or make one up! 

Click on any body board below for a closer look!


spiderman cartoon caricature at the beach club resort in ft morgan AL
a littel girl gets drawn as a caricature of ariel the little mermaid in pensacola beach, FL
boys cartoon body board
montage of a girls reaction as she sees her caricature for the first time revealed
girls cartoon body board
couple with cartoon bodies on he beach
couples cartoon body board
man with a long beard holds his funny caricature

And they're not just for kids!

No matter what age you are,I will custom-draw your body  to suit



I am the ONLY caricaturist who offers FREE themed "body boards" with cartoon bodies for your guests to choose from (they are my invention), and I am the ONLY Alabama Gulf Coast Caricaturist who offers Cartoon Bodies - at all!

a boy makes a funny face at his spiderman caricature

" The Caricatures were a hit with all the kids, plenty of "body" options for boys and girls to choose, posted on large boards she has with her. Kids loved it."

                    Ravinder Dhaliwal

Why Cartoon Bodies?

three caricatures a golfer spiderman and belle fr ombeauty and the beast

Who’s your favorite character? Is it perhaps the Legendary Link or the beautiful, wistful Zelda? Hopeful Mario, loyal Luigi or plucky Princess Peach? Do you dream of exploring shipwrecks underwater like Ariel? Or of being a brave and yet undervalued and misunderstood superhero like Spiderman or Batman?  

Did you ever imagine yourself as these characters? Of course you did. That’s why we love them. It’s a chance to be somebody else, live like they do, experience amazing adventures you never would any other way. 

What would it be like to actually swing from building to building on a spider's thread?

Ride on the back of the wind on a rearing unicorn in the moonlight? Be the first to plant a flag as you set foot on the moon? 

These and so many more fantasies come to life with Kathy's personalized CARICATURES. 


Kathy comes to your event and she brings stardust and moonbeams with her!

Your guests faces will light up with delight when they see the drawings of themselves as their favorite character or doing what they love most. 

And when they realize they can take the drawings home and put them on their wall and look at them every day - it brings their dreams to life!

cute boy gets a caricature at bellingrath gardens
a cute black girl gets her caricature drawn with elmo
jenni tarrant the famous face painter and balloon artist gets her caricautre drawn at long last

This is My friend Jenni the Balloon Artist

and Face Painter . She's PHENOMENAL.

Her business is Jen's Bay Balloons.

Look her up HERE

digital caricture of a little girl on a unicorn
caricature of a teenaged girl
belles get their caricature
funny boy with a mohawk gets his bussin caricature of him playing football
digital caricature of a boy as marty mcfly from back to the future
a man gets his caricautre as a wrestler wwe wwf
caricature of a girl as a gymnast
cute teenaged boy shows off his fun caricature at the beach club resort
caricature of a baby blasting off
cartoon caricture of a boy as link from legend of zelda
girl holding her awesome caricaure of herslef as zelda
a girl holds a caricature of herself

Maybe the next Taylor Swift? 

You never know!

That’s my business. That’s what I do. 

I bring dreams to life!

I love what I do and I love

making people laugh with delight. 

If that’s what you MUST have for your next event,


I bring dreams to life! 

super cute caricature of a boy as mario
caricature of a girl
toothless boy holding a cute football caricature
Balloons Floating in the Air

"Kathy Was great. We used her services for our Daughter's 6th Birthday. The Caricatures were a hit with all the kids, plenty of "body" or "uniform" options for boys and girls to choose, posted on large boards she has with her. Kids loved it!"

     Dr. Ravinder Dhaliwal, MD 

     Mobile, AL

dr ravinder Daliwhal, MD, gives an endorsement for caricatures by kathy
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