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Themed Parties

Whatever your theme is, Kathy can provide custom drawings just for you!  Your guest of honor will be thrilled!

Don't forget to check out Kathy's Add-Ons!

legend of zleda caricature

Invitation Kathy drew for a

Legend of Zelda Themed Party

that was then sent out digitally

and printed traditionally

Themed Parties

Here are just a few examples of themed parties Kathy has drawn her complimentary caricatures at recently.

She can even make a themed board just for your party at no extra cost!

If your party is a unique theme and you're having trouble finding partyware and invitations,

Kathy CAN HELP!  See the bottom of this page for some unique themes Kathy has done recently,

and see her Add- Ons Page to see what extra items she can make to complement your 

                                                           Special Theme

Common Themes

girl with her caricature
little mermaid caricature

Mermaid themed party

Princess Party


popular princesses like moana, tiana, cinderella, ariel, aurora, snow white, princess peach, Princess Daisy, Rosalina, and even Princess leia!

For pool parties & ocean themed parties

taylor swift party

Taylor Swift Themed Party

Indulge your inner Swifty!

spider Gwen caricature

Superhero Party

Popular among both boys and girls

iron man caricature

Superhero Party

Spiderman parties, Batman Parties, Superman Parties... or pick some interesting ones like ironman, the Hulk or evenAquaman or the Flash!


luau caricature

Luau Themed Party


Perfect when you live by the beach!

football caricature

Sports themed party

Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis and more!

mario caricature

Mario Themed party 

kid getting a caricature

Legend of Zelda Themed party 

Don't forget Luigi and peach! 

Kathy can draw any of them... even toad!

Legend of Zelda had the Breath Breathed back into it recently. Pun intended. A popular party theme for boys and girls. (zelda is also available) Whats old is new again!

moana caricautre

Kathty needs and image for this type of party. Order a slumber Party and you could be featured here!


A Classic!

girl at a swin party caricautre


What else can you do at a pool party besides swim?

Get caricatures of course!

pirate caricature
lego caricature

Pirate Themed Party


Almost as popular as mermaids

Lego Themed Party

Kids can be whichever Lego 

Character they Like!

paw patrol caricature

Paw Patrol Party

Your little can be drawn with whichever dog they like most!

star wars caricature

Star Wars Party

Luke, Han solo, Princess leia, Kylo ren, even yoda! Pick whichever character you like most and become them!

boy with his caricature

Pokemon Party

Experiencing a resurgence in popularity again. Pick whichever pokemon is your favorit and kathy will draw you with them!

dino rider caricature

Dinosaur Party

Kids can pick whichever dinosaur they love most.

So can dad!

Hard-To-Find Party Themes

Check out Kathy's Ad-Ons -  Now You can theme your party however you want!

artist caricature

Despite this being a relatively popular theme, there isnt much out there for parties themed for art.

Inspire your artistic birthday child with a visit and custom art from a REAL ARTIST!

Art Theme


power rangers caricature

   Any Hard-To-Find,          Older Characters

Interesting themes make Kathy's job more fun! So don't be afraid to challenge her!

Cowboy caricature

Cowboy or cowgirl theme

Toy Story is another theme that 
goes along with this one. Kathy can do either one.

southern belle caricature


lion king caricature

Movie/TV/Book Character


Note: Kathy draws people WITH animal Characters, Not AS them. 
They turn out much better.

BTTF caricature

Back To The Future Party Theme

Hollywood Party                   Theme
    (guess who?)

charlie chaplin caricature
band caricature

Musical Party Theme

warrior caricature LOTR

LOTR/ Knights/
Middle Ages themes

This one is also popular but difficult to find. Allow Kathy to make you custom favors so you can stop hunting for them!

artist caricature

Fairie Tale

A while back Kathy did a Shrek Themed party. What fun! Go ahead and challenge her! She loves it! 

indiana jones caricature

Indiana Jones Party Theme

princess caricature

Anything else you can dream up!

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Anchor 2

"She even brought "idea" boards for inspiration on drawings."

- The Sanctuary at 331 Apartments, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"Plenty of "body" options for boys and girls to choose,  posted on large boards she has with her. Kids loved it!"   - Ravinder Dhaliwal, Mobile, AL

If you want to find out more about how Kathy can help you make your next event unforgettable, check her availability and get a price quote or even arrange a meeting with her, contact Kathy now by pressing the button below.


Add-Ons can include:

link zelda caricature

Pre-Printed paper with the Name and

Date of your Party

Custom Invitations, Thank-You notes, or

stickers to put on blank partyware 

(customize your own party!)

Caricatures of the guest of honor

to display at your Party

Custom- Drawn Cake Topper (contact Kathy for details) 

Or anything else you can dream up!

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