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LOGOS  require much more work.

If you want a logo for a business, a hand-drawn caricature on a piece of paper isn't going to cut it.

You need vector art so that it will scale correctly to use on your print ads, social media, OR your food truck or restaurant wall. All of this takes skill and time.

Many business owners don't understand this and think they can cut corners on their logo, Do it themselves on Canva, or use Fiver or worse, AI, and get a decent product. (hint: you can't. and won't)

That's why I do not take on just any logo project, but only serious business owners willing to invest in their businesses.

If you want a cheap caricature to put on your wall that's a completely different story. If that's what you want, I do those live and you can hire me to come to an event or catch me at a public event. My Schedule is HERE.

But if you want a good logo that will last for many years, it's worth the investment in your business. You KNOW to make money you need to spend money. I'm a business owner too don't forget. 

Logo Prices start at $997

Contact me for more information. 

Includes TWO requests for changes after the initial sketch. Other changes are extra. 

A contract must be signed and 50% must be paid in advance. Unfortunately, this is because I had people stealing my sketches before they paid.

Also, regular commission caricatures on paper for $99 CANNOT be used as logos. Logos require much more work and you will get the finished product you need. You can use your image to print on ANYTHING big or small and it won't be pixelated or distorted.


You also get all the rights except for my right to use it in my portfolio and for advertisement purposes.

Please trust the professional on this!

Additional Requests such as special scenery or props are Additional 

Framing, Matting & Shipping Not Included

 Prices start at $997

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