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Custom Wedding Invitations

Digital caricature of a wedding couple with a boho great gatsby theme

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As We Join In Matrimony

Danielle Steele & Stephen Edwin King
March 10th, 2025 at the Oscars Ceremony

Are you searching Fruitlessly for invitations that don't exist?  Such as the perfect customized Wedding invitation that doesn't cost as much as Usher's Wedding. 


The invitation you dreamed about. The Personalized One that Stands Out From All The Rest.

Stop Searching and Hire Kathy to create it from scratch!

Kathy Buskett can create lovely portrait-style caricatures of you and your HTB (or WTB)  from Photos in a matter of days!

Each invitation is hand-drawn by artist Kathy Buslett,

and then imported to the computer and hand-colored in Photoshop (NO AI here!) Then you get a PDF of the finished product you can print off at home or bring to a printer. She can even do the typesetting for you!

The Fee is Only $199 per couple which is

the same price Kathy charges for Keepsake and Digital caricatures.

No price gouging here!

This is also the same price as most budget invitations online, so for the same price plus the cost of printing, you can get something TRULY personalized.                 ( Kathy can also do the printing at cost for you which is MUCH CHEAPER)

Kathy also Draws Caricatures at Weddings LIVE! It's the perfect solution for bridging the gap between your ceremony and your reception. Caricatures also function as a wedding favor, giving you a TWOFER! 

Kathy is located on the Gulf Coast but she will travel ANYWHERE!

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