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Wedding Gifts

A Truly Bespoken Wedding Gift:
Personalized Flattering Artwork!

What do you get the bridal couple who already has everything they need? How about a moderately priced bucket-list item? 
Caricatures fit the bill perfectly!


Most People say they always wanted one, but they lacked the opportunity. They're also a little afraid of what a caricaturist might do to them! But with Kathy's Caricatures, they have nothing to worry about, and neither do you.

Artist Kathy Buskett has been a professional Caricaturist for 25 years, including 10 years in Las Vegas drawing at all the big casinos, trade shows, and parties. Her Caricatures are flattering and fun and actually look like the person she's drawing. You don't have to worry about her drawings being ugly or inappropriate.


You get a peek at the rough sketch before Kathy inks it to make any changes. Kathy wants you to LOVE your drawing.

That's the advantage of choosing her. 


a smiling bride holds her wedding caricature

Kathy will Draw or paint the Bride and Groom from photos you provide, and YOU will receive all the accolades for what an amazing gift you gave them!

Kathy Can also Draw the
 Whole Family or Bridal Party!

caricature of three bridesmaids

Traditional Hand-Drawn Caricatures

Only $199 Per Couple

$49 for Each Additional Person

See Kathy's

 Keepsake Caricature Rates

What Better Gift for the People who helped you make all this possible than a Custom-Drawn Bucket List item? 

a digital caricature of a roaring 20s themed wedding

Digital Artwork Also Available

Digital does NOT equal AI. All of Kathy's artwork is hand-drawn and painted, including digital art. If you are in doubt you can watch Kathy  draw LIVE  HERE

Only $299 Per Couple
One Minute Order Form
bride and groom hold their color caricature
Get it done in time for the Wedding!
Add a File
Add a File

Please send at least one picture, more is better. Digital pictures are best if possible, from the front, not blurry or from far away, with only the person or persons being drawn in them.  If you don't have digital pictures please contact Kathy to discuss your project. The better your pictures, the better your result will be.

Thanks for submitting!
Kathy will get back to you shortly.


  • All Artwork is completely hand-drawn by artist Kathy Buskett, including digital artwork which is done by hand on a computer

  • Price is $199 per Couple for traditional, $299 for Digital

  • Only $49 for each additional Person or Animal 

  • Yes, Kathy draws Pets too! Same Price as People

  • This Price is for 12X16'' drawings and is done on Archival Bristol Board with Marker and Colored Pencils. Smaller Sizes are Available.             Please indicate if you want a smaller size in the text box above.

  • Art larger than this requires painting which costs more and takes more time. CONTACT Kathy for more information

  • Turnaround is usually within 2 weeks unless Kathy is busy with live events.She will let you know your turnaround time when you contact her

  • Rush Orders are extra. 

  • Kathy uses contracts to protect both parties. She retains all rights to images created and gives you certain rights such as reproducing her art for the purpose of your wedding.

  • Photographs remain your property and Kathy agrees not to use them for any purpose other than drawing your caricatures. Caricature drawings may be used in promotional material by the artist in the future.

  • Yes Kathy does live weddings! Check out my live wedding page HERE

  • The Price Does not include Framing or Shipping

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A bride and groom get their caricature drawn after a costume change

What will your guests do while you're busy getting your pictures taken?

For a Truly Bespoken experience, you can have Kathy come draw caricatures LIVE at your wedding.


Caricatures double as Wedding Favors that are truly customized to each individual guest AND they are



Special themes, costume changes and Huge Wedding parties are all things that Kathy can accommodate! 

Contact Kathy now to Save the Date!

Live Caricature Entertainment
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