Caricatures by Kathy BBB Business Review
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CaricatureWedding Packages

Bridge the Gap Between your Ceremony and Reception

With Fun & Laughter

bride and groom hold their digital wedding caricature

Are you worried about what your guests will do while you're busy getting pictures taken? Complimentary Caricatures by Kathy is your solution!

Your Guests will be laughing and clamoring to get a Complimentary Favor

 Flattering AND Free for them - So You can Concentrate on having the Best Day Ever!

Caricatures Double as favors, which Saves you Money, Time and Stress.           

  •  You Save Money because Kathy is FAST - up to 30 faces per hour, one of the fastest caricaturists in the world - so you don't have to hire her for as long as other artists.                 

  • You Save Time too since you won't be making favors by hand - and your guests won't have to wait in a long line.                                                                                                                

  • And you Save Stress because two things are crossed off your list at once - entertainment and favors. AND you can stop worrying about how to bridge that Gap between your ceremony and your reception. 

 Caricatures are the same price or less than a Photo Booth, serve the same function,

        But are more personalized AND unique.  How many people do you know who actually

                         Frame their photo booth pictures and put them up on their wall?

                                                 With Caricatures, that is the Norm!

Additionally, Kathy provides payment plans that automate your payments, spread them over time, and significantly reduce your stress. If only venues offered the same convenience...

guests at a wedding smile big as they hold their caricature
guests at a wedding display their caricatures
a bride and groom hold their flattering caricature


       Kathy's Complimentary Caricatures are 
An Economical Alternative to a Wedding Painter 


Wedding Painters charge anywhere from $2000 to $10,000!


Kathy's Caricatures are much more economical, AND Everyone gets their own personalized wedding favor.


           Hm, maybe she should be charging more....

"I've had both Wedding Painters and Caricature Artists at Weddings. In my opinion,           The caricature Artist is MILES better for your event."   

      Rick Ryan, Wedding Planner


Traditional Wedding Caricatures

Hand Drawn in Pen & Ink

*Travel Fees May Apply
Additional Hours are $259 each
Additional Services Not Included - Please See Add-Ons
Additional Artists - Please Inquire


Digital Wedding Caricatures

Hand Drawn on a Tablet and Projected onto a BIG Screen

Never Been Kissed


For Budget Minded Brides

2 Hours

Art is Emailed

Starting at $599


Sweet Home




3 Hours

Art is Emailed

Starting at





Includes Complimentary

Print Holders 

4 Hours

Art Is Printed on Site

Starting at 


Travel Fees May Apply
Additional Hours are $299 each
Additional Services - Please See Add-Ons
Additional Artists - Please Inquire


"Kathy was great to work with. I highly recommend her for any wedding. She kept in Contact Throughout our entire Planning Phase. She showed up on time and the line never stopped. I had so many fantastic comments and comploiments on her work."

                   Michelle E., Mobile AL

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