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          Live Digital

Sustainable AND Fun! Who Knew?

As seen at the Samsung booth at CES in Fabulous Las Vegas 


a digital caricature of a businesswoman at the PGA Golf Tournament in salinas, CA
a digital caricature of a man at the PGA golf tournament in salinas, CA
kathy buskett the caricaturist near me  holds her galaxy note she drew a caricature on for Samsungs product release

... and the Verizon booth at the
PGA golf tournament 

a digital caricature of an employee at the Samsung BBooth at CES in Las Vegas, NV


A: Digital caricatures are NOT AI.  They are still

hand-drawn caricatures, the tools are just different. Instead of pen and paper, they’re drawn onto a tablet and projected live onto a screen or TV. The only thing required is a good internet connection and a couple of chairs.

digital caricatures near me in fairhope, AL

If you're looking for a way to make your Trade Show or Convention more Sustainable, Favors, swag is the first things to look at. Pens, Water Bottles, Key chains, shirts...

Most of it winds up in the landfill.












 You Can't Afford To Ignore The GREEN Question


Kathy's Complimentary Digital Caricatures are a way to Eliminate Waste and  Wow your guests with truly personalized favors at the same time! 

Imagine your guests sitting down to get drawn and having their flattering cartoon drawing projected onto a big screen right behind their head... or projected onto a whole wall! After their drawing is done, each guest gets their drawing emailed to them. No fuss, no mess, no waste! 


                 Your Branding is included on each Drawing!

And with Kathy's high-speed caricatures, each guest can be drawn in five minutes or less! Your Event will be the talk of the town - AND

You'll be a SUPERHERO for helping to preserve the environment!

a dump where swag winds up

In a new study, Genomatica reports that “Sustainability has moved from a fringe preference into a core imperative across American life,” with 85% of Americans reporting they’ve been thinking about sustainability. 

caricaturist kathy buskett draws caricatures at a corporate event near me
a digital caricature of a man at the AT&T booth at the PGA golf tournament near me
a digital caricature of all the spiderman actors including tobey macguire, tom holland and andrew garfield

Your Clients Will Marvel

funny digital caricature near me
caricaturist near me Kathy Buskett  at samsung trade show in las vegas NV

What You Get:

  • Digital caricatures Drawn LIVE at your event and projected onto a screen for all to see

  • Guests will be emailed a DIGITAL CARICATURE which actually LOOKS LIKE THEM

  • 1-2 people can be drawn in one drawing.

  • Size is 300 dpi which is suitable for printing. You can even have your images printed on site! See add-ons below 

  • Guests get a copy of their drawing emailed to them


  • YOU receive a list of all those precious emails to follow up with!

  • You also get a copy of the drawings afterwards to use    on social media

 "Kathy was fantastic. She's a very quick draw, and still maintains excellent quality of pictures." 

                      Lisa Smith, Manager

                      Sanctuary at 331 Apartments

                      Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Anchor 1
Live Digital Paintings 

A Great Sustainable alternative to

Traditional Live Event painting!

Your Clients can watch as the painting progresses.

You can have whatever fantastic background or props you want. Just provide Kathy with pictures and she'll incorporate whatever you want!

You might not realize it but traditional paints use very toxic chemicals such as cyanide  (greens) cobalt (blue) and titanium (white) as well as other chemicals. And they often wind up IN THE WATER SUPPLY.


Digital caricatures avoid all that. 

caricaturist kathy buskett draws caricatures at a corporate event near me
fun digital caricature near me drawn at Mobile, AL convention center

ADD-ONS  include but are not limited to:

- FREE images to advertise your event 

- Printing on site (3x5)

- Lanyards to hold printouts 

- Live Illustration for seminars and lectures

-Anything else you can dream up!

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Individual Digital Caricatures From Photos

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