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Fall festival

I've been so busy drawing I haven't had time to post! Here's some highlights of last nights fall festival. I'll post more of my drawings from the last few weeks in another post or two.

If you want me to come "draw" a crowd at your event, and bring smiles and laughter with me, contact me today at

This is one of my students. She and her sister look so much alike I thought they were twins at first, but they're a year apart. This is Susannah. See if you can spot the differences in her and her sister Madeline, who is next up...

When I draw twins or kids who look alike, it's a challenge to make them look alike yet also highlight the differences. I think I did pretty good here. What do you think?

... and I can't leave out their cousin Hannah. My friend Alana, Hannah's mom, took these photos. Thanks Alana!

And a few other fun ones from last nights fall festival at Benny Russel park. A big shout out to Marcus Point Baptist Church for having me at their event! Sorry if I didn't get to draw you. That was a 15 hour day for me!

gymnast on the balance beam


These two came dressed for the occasion

Daddy & daughter. So sweet! Yes I can do just the heads. I offer the bodies as a fun add-on. I'm the only caricaturist in our area who offers bodies!

Brothers ❤️

This is entitled "Dorothy with a wiener dog".

I think that says it all 😂

Ok so more festivals coming...

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