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Wedding bells

Imagine your wedding looking like this!

This weekend I drew at a Birmingham Alabama at a lovely venue called the preserve. It reminded me of the White House . Isn't it lovely?

Here's a closer look at some of those photos. Boy did we have fun!

Rae & Devon - the gorgeous bride and groom!

These two wanted a little mermaid theme. How fun! The bride asked me to draw her guests with cartoon bodies of Their choice. I'm the only caricature artist in the gulf coast area that offers this service.

Interesting story. The little girl in this picture recognized me from drawing her this past summer - all the way. In gulf shores, five hours away from This wedding! Evidently she had stayed with her grandparents for the summer and got drawn at the beach club where I was working. Small world!

It's Orlando Bloom and Cameron Diaz!

...Just kidding. But they could play their younger siblings, no?

This couple let me pick what I wanted. He gave me a "psychologist" vibe so that's what I did. Beware! If you let me pick whatever I want, your drawing may turn out FUNNY!

Bubba here was mad that the bride hadn't checked the football schedule before scheduling her wedding 😂

Clark Kent and Lana Lang - he's a dead ringer don't you think?

Mom & stepdad of the bride - this large step family was so congenial. It was nice to see.


The little girl jumped up after everyone else was drawn. Thankfully I had room to the side! Typically I can draw about 6 people on my pages, but if you let me know ahead of time that you want a large group drawn, I can bring extra large paper or a board to draw on!

Baby on board! She's not far from having their first. Maybe they'll call me for the first birthday party 🥳 Fun fact:

I do more first birthdays than any other age party!

This guy reminded me of Nick Nolte. I see celebrities wherever I go...


Identical twins Tim and Tom. Or was it Tom and Tim? Hmmmm

And lastly my favorite of the evening. This gentleman had the most beautiful Irish brogue. I went home talking like him 😂

If you would like to have me come to your event, entertains all your guests, and create personalized party favors that will be cherished for years to come, contact me

And remember: squirmy kids are my specialty!

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