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Q. How many people can you draw in one hour?


A. I can draw up to 30 black and white faces per hour. That's twice as fast as most caricaturists. If you choose bodies the fee is the same but I can draw about 15-20 of them in one hour.

I like to add shading for People of Colcor, and this takes a little longer, but looks better.

For Color faces I can do about 10-15 in one hour. And full color faces with bodies I can draw about 5 in one hour. 

So however many guests you have, whether a large party or a small, I Can accommodate you by changing what I offer your particular group. The price remains the same no matter which you choose.

Q. How many people can you fit on one drawing?

A. As many as you want! But if you want more than about 8 please let me know ahead of time so I can procure larger paper.

Q. What equipment do you need? 

A. All I need is three chairs – one for myself and two for the people being drawn –they should be kitchen-type or folding chairs -  in a relatively well-lit area or full shade if outdoors.

I do not need a table as I bring my own easel. I can provide chairs if you have no access to chairs. Please notify me if I will need to bring my own TENT. (If there's no shade)

Q. Will you pre-print my logo or info on my paper? 

A. Absolutely!  They are considered add-ons and I only charge you what my printer charges. For longer events, this service is free.

Q. Do you include sleeves?

A. I draw on 12X18" paper so that I can draw up to 8 people on my paper. Many other artists will not draw more than two or just a few people on one page.

Sleeves for that size are more expensive. That's why sleeves are considered an ADD-ON for all but Elite packages. I only charge for my cost.

I have other add-ons available as well. Please click here to learn more. 

Q. Do you work with people with Special Needs?


A. All the time! In fact, I have three kids with special needs of my own, and I have ADHD myself. I will treat your guests who have special needs with respect. Check out my Special Needs Page HERE

kid loves his caricature as luigi
caricature of a couple at a gala
eight women get a caricature with eight women each in their drawings - a world record!

8 People, 8 Drawings, WIth Bodies, in only 3 hours. Surely thats some sort of a record!  Guiness, where are you?

64 caricatures drawn in 3 hours . a world record?
corporate caricatures near me


servicemen and women get a caricature on the air force base in pensacola
a girl with downs syndrome holds her digital caricature

Q. Do you draw like those caricatures on Tik Tok?


A. I CAN. But ONLY By special request.

I've found that while most poeple like WATCHING those types of drawings, few people actually WANT ONE. 

EVERYONE wants to look GOOD. Which is why my caricatures are FLATTERING.

People ask if I can draw

people 'goofy.'

Of course I can!

But ONLY if someone asks for it!

And even then my drawings are STILL "Nice!"

a teen  holds his funny caricature
a girl holds a funny crosseyed caricature

They asked for it!

Trade Show & Convention  Questions

Q. How much experience do you have?

A. I have 25 years of experience with 10 of those years being in Las Vegas drawing at some of the largest events in the World, Including CES and World of Concrete. I can handle a crowd with ease.

A. Ours in a Multi-Day Event. Can you do that?

A. Absolutely.  I'm a  professional and is adept at working at large, long events. Some of the events I've worked at include the PGA Golf Tournament which was a multi-day event, as well as the convention for Samsung's Galaxy Note Product release (see photos to the right)

This is part of the job for me. I seldom take breaks and you will be pleased by my positive attitude and team spirit. 

If you have a huge event and really do need more artists, I can help! I have access to other top-tier artists like myself all over the world. 

Q. What About Pricing?

A. Caricatures are a Great Deal

  • Caricatures Function as both Entertainment and Swag. So you're automatically getting a good deal                                                           ​                             

  • Caricatures are the same price or cheaper than a Photo Booth. Not to mention they're more Personable and Fun!                                                         ​

  • Caricatures are a Bucket- List Item. They often go up on your guest's walls and stay there for years! That's a pretty high ROI


              and a great deal at

              $299 Per Hour*    

At 30 faces per hour, that's about $10 per person, much cheaper than expensive tech swag

So You're Getting a 

Great Deal!

* Prices vary according to the type of event


Q. Are there any other fees?

A. A travel fee might apply

I may also need a hotel room which I ask for the going rate.


There might also be a parking fee depending on your venue. 

After that, there are no other fees.


Add-ons are additional, please see add-ons page. 

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. Nonprofits, servicemen both active and retired, churches and schools  receive a substantial discount. Other types of events might get a smaller discount. Please see my NONPROFIT Page  

threesome laughs at their trade show caricature
CES Las Vegas samsung caricature artists

The largest event I have done was for Samsung at CES in Las Vegas for their product release of their Galaxy Note in 2012. This was a gathering of just some of the caricature artists that worked at that event.  This is the largest known caricature event in the world, lasted for four days, and I worked 12 hours a day drawing caricatures at this event.

caricatures by kathy pic of her workign for the largest event in history at samsung ces Las Vegas NV


funny caricature drawgins for a convention
caricatures at columbia southern university in gulf shores, AL
service men and women getting caricautres at a discounted rate
caricaturist kath ybuskett shows off her samsung glaxy note digital caricature
Digital caricature of a boho bride and groom
digital caricature of a woman
digital caricature of a brit


Q. What is Digital Caricature? Is it the same as AI?

A. Digital caricature (and art) is still hand drawn. The tools are just different. Instead of marker and paper,

artists use a stylus and a tablet or a Wacom tablet.

Most Visual artists despise AI "Art" because it steals from artists. It literally cannot make anything of its own. 

Q. How many people can be drawn in one hour?

A. I can draw 10 or more guests in one hour Digitally. (30 for traditional) Even if not everyone is able to be drawn, the novelty of the medium provides fascinating entertainment to bystanders. It’s amazing just to watch drawings appear as if out of nowhere!

Q. How much space do you need?

A. I will need space for a table at least four feet long with an electrical outlet and two chairs. 

Q. What do we need to provide? 

A. I will need a small table and two chairs near an electrical outlet. Other than that, all other equipment is provided, including a 42 inch LED screen. Wifi is required for emailed digital drawings. If none is available, I will download the drawings as soon as I get home.

Q. How will people get their digital copies?

A. After the event, usually the same day, I will upload all the drawings to each individual's email. I name the drawings by the person's email address so they don't get mixed up, and I will also email you all copies at the end of the the event, which gives you the drawings for your promo and the emails for follow-up.

caricature painting of a bride and groom
digital wedding caricature
Wedding caricature collage


Q. Should I have you draw Caricatures for the cocktail hour or the reception?

A. I can do either one but generally I recommend the reception or both unless you're  having a very intimate wedding.

Q. How can we ensure all my guests get drawn?

A. I will recommend more artists if you need them however for most weddings of 100-125 guests I can accommodate within 3-4 hours of drawing. Don't forget there will always some people who dont want a drawing. 

Q. Do you do digital for weddings?

A. Yes! And I am also the ONLY

LIVE Digital Wedding PAINTER

Around! Try googling it . You'll see!

For my wedding RATES, CLICK HERE

Q.  How will guests bring home their drawings?

A. My drawings are twice as large as most other caricaturists (12X18) to be able to fit more people in them, (up to 8) so sleeves are more expensive which is why they're not included unless you have me drawing for 3 hours or more. I only charge you what my supplier charges.

Q. How do I book you?

A. Click this button and fill out the form to see if your date is available


Once you contact me, I will do my  best to contact you within the next 24 hours with my availability. (sometimes I'm working at events so please excuse me if it takes longer)

If you decide to book, I will send you a booking  agreement which I'll ask you to look over and sign. Then I will counter-sign and send it back to you. Once that is signed,

50% down is required to secure your spot on my calendar. You are not booked until you send your downpayment.  I accept cash, credit, debit, business checks, venmo, cash app, and PayPal. 

Your Guarantee: Your downpayment is fully refundable if I have to cancel for any reason. (This has never happened in my 25 year career but if it does I will give you all your money back no questions asked)

If you have waited between your quote and signing the agreement, please contact me to make sure your date is still available BEFORE PAYING. 

YES I do Payment Plans.

NO I don't Punish You By increasing the total Amount! Contact me today and we can make a plan together.

Kathy sometimes makes exceptions, so Contact her now!

bride and groom hold their fun caricature

More Questions?

Contact Me!

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