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How To Hire A Caricaturist

If you dont know anything about art and you can't draw a straight line, you can still hire a great live artist for your event! Read this quick guide to help you learn how.

Whats Most Important?

 This is the Caricturist's DIRTY LITTLE SECRET
The Others don't want you to know!


  1. SPEED is of the UTMOST Importance when Choosing A Caricaturist.                            

      Don't make the mistake of hiring someone without verifying their speed first!                Imagine how horrible it would be to have a roomful of guests and only get a                handful of them drawn.  Unfortunately, this happens all the time. That's what                 happens  when folks hire a caricaturist based on price alone.


      Price is NOT your most important factor. Let's See Why.

       Kathy is one of the fastest Caricaturists in the World!

       She Can draw 30+ faces per hour, TWICE AS FAST as many other                             Caricaturists, Sometimes even THREE OR MORE times as fast.

       If some amateur only draws 5 faces per hour (not uncommon) and charges half           of what Kathy charges, you're STILL only getting a THIRD of the value that                 Kathy  gives you! Even if they draw TEN faces per hour, or TWENTY,                           Kathy can STILL give you more Value for your money.

       This is the Caricturists DIRTY LITTLE SECRET they don't want you to know!

       Time = Money. We all know that. But if your artist isn't FAST,

       They ARENT worth the money. Period. End of sentence.

       You're getting more people drawn with Kathy which saves TIme and Money,                AND the Stress of having to explain to your guests why they can't get drawn!


                                                  LEARN MORE

    2. STYLE is the Next most important thing.


       But what if you know negative zero about art?

       Trust your eyes. Look at your potential artist's portfolio. What do you see?

       If you like what you see, then you've found a good one!

        (But if it all looks the same or like AI then run!)







        We all love to laugh at them. But would you want to BE them? No?

        Neither do your guests. 


        Kathy's art is flattering and fun. She ONLY draws people exaggerated if they                ASK for it. And even then it still winds up being cute!

        This is Just what your guests want! And Kathy gives it to them.

        (Secret Tip: if you want to look BETTER than you actually do in real life,                      hire a female artist! Generally Speaking, of course)


                              Check Out Kathy's Gallery  HERE

         Caricatures should also have a good "likeness". In other words,

         It needs to LOOK LIKE the sitter. If it doesn't consistently look like the person             sitting, they aren't very good at the job.


         One way to tell is by watching the caricaturist draw live. You can check out                   Kathy's live schedule HERE. She ENCOURAGES people to come watch her               draw live. Don't even tell her you're scoping her out! Then you can watch how               she really behaves- and why she consistantly gets 5 stars!

    3. Finally, Professionalism remains the litmus test for your hiring decisions.


         Ask around. Search for real reviews from real people, or verified reviews from independent sites. For instance, Kathy has an all 5 star rating on gigsalad and the Bash, the two booking sites she is on, all verified reviews.

 You can also check out references and past customers. 

Kathy's client roster is huge and impressive, which is due to her 25 year career with 10 of these years being in Las Vegas.

         Kathy was raised in an entrepreneurial household and learned to run a                       business from a young age. She supports her family with her business.

          That's why she takes her reputation so seriously.


         Kathy knows that EVERYONE is her customer, and she knows that being easy            to work with is paramount. That's part of why she has worked with so many

          top tier companies.

          You're getting a real pro with Kathy!

        Kathy Buskett is your best,  Most Professional Choice

         In the Gulf Coast Area  (and beyond!)


         Here's Why:

  • 25 Years of Experience

  • 10 of those years were spent drawing in Las Vegas at many prestigious venues with many Top Tier Clients such as Samsung, AT&T, Verizon, Coca-Cola and even Cirque du Soleil.

  • Kathy keeps in contact in the months, weeks and days before your event so you don't have to worry.

  • Kathy has never missed a paid event in the 25 years she's been drawing Caricatures

  • Kathy uses a contract to guarantee you that she will show up, which helps set your mind at ease. She won't cancel on you for a better opportunity like some other local artists are known to do.

  • She is Guaranteed to show up or your money back                                              (which has never happened but if it does you will get your deposit back)

Kathy Buskett is Your Clear choice for a Speedy, Stylish and Professional Caricaturist

Speed Caricature

Speed Caricature

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