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How to Hire A Caricaturist

Updated: Jul 1

The New York Times just ran an article about high-class resorts and how they’re offering more and more bespoke (customized) experiences to lure people in.

But Bespoke experiences are expensive and difficult to pull off. How can smaller resorts, hotels and businesses compete?

If you’re in the hospitality industry and are looking to add some value to your proposition, I can help.

My name is Kathryn Buskett. I’m a live caricaturist with 25 years of experience drawing live at all kinds of events all over the USA and beyond.

My live caricature entertainment is probably the easiest, least expensive way for you to provide bucket list experiences for your guests.

All you do is hire me. I do the rest.

caricatures can provide a bespoke experience for your guests IF you choose the right artist
The Daphne AL Prom - I drew all the students

I draw cartoon caricatures of your guests to suit whatever your theme is, and I do it fast. Two minutes or less per person is my average. That makes me one of the fastest caricaturists in the world.

Nearly every person I draw tells me “I always wanted to get this done.” Why didn’t they? Simple. They never had the opportunity. That’s because caricaturists are rare. There are less caricaturists in America than there are brain surgeons! And you can offer this rare bucket list item to your guests. It will “draw” in foot traffic. Guaranteed!

Caricatures can provide a bespoke experience for your guests IF you choose the right artist


Where to find one is probably at the top of your list.

Well, you're in luck! You found one! That would be me.

HI! My name is Kathy Buskett and I'm a professional caricaturist with 25 years of experience. I owned the caricature stand at Fremont Street Experience along with my late husband Buddy Rose before moving here to the gulf coast. I now work for myself and I travel all over the world drawing caricatures at big events.

Read on to find out how to compare caricaturists!

Several things to look for in a caricaturist are:

  • Speed. How fast are they? Drawing one face every ten minutes simply won’t cut it with a crowd. No one wants to wait that long. My drawings are done in 2 minutes or less. That makes me one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. A great reason to hire me. And don't take their word for it! Look at verified reviews ( See some of mine here: Hire Caricatures by Kathy - Caricaturist in Fairhope, Alabama ( and videos Kathy Buskett - YouTube

  • Accuracy. Does their art look like the people being drawn? Or do they all look the same with different hairdos? Or worse yet do they not even have faces? Capturing a likeness is the true mark of a great artist. Always ask to see links to portfolios. Check to see if the style is similar - I have had people lift my photos and pretend my artwork was their own! How can you tell if their images are fake or worse, AI? Ask them to draw you live on Zoom! H ere's a gallery of my live work:

  • Professionalism. Think about it. What are artists known for? Being iconoclasts right? It’s a rare unicorn indeed who is an artist AND a professional. You get the highest level of professionalism with me. I have made a living drawing caricatures for the last 25 years. Ten of those years were in Las Vegas. I’m always on time, I follow the rules, and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have 5 Stars for a reason and it’s because I take professionalism seriously.

  • Flattering - There are several kinds of artists. I’m the kind who believes in making people feel good about themselves and so my drawings are flattering. There are artists who do those extreme exaggerations - and they’re funny - but in my experience, most people don’t want to be drawn like that. What they want is to look good. And that’s what I do. I make people look good. Better in fact than real life! That is also just what you want for events like Weddings, Trade Shows, Resorts - Even Cruises. It's why I get chosen to draw at big events. Like the Product Release of Samsung's Galaxy Note - The Biggest DIgital Caricature Event in the World.

  • FUNNY - I’m funny looking. Surely that must count for something?

Caricaturist Kathy Buskett makes a fool of herself for the camera.
FYI I don't normally have a bird on my head.

In short, a professional caricaturist will make YOU look great! Not just with your picture on the wall either, but with your image as a professional who knows how to impress clients with bespoke entertainment AND keep costs down.

If you wisely decide to hire a caricaturist to draw a crowd, I would be honored if you’d choose me. My calendar does book up quickly in advance, so screenshot and bookmark this article, and contact me now to check my availability for your next event!

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kathy Bailoey draws for Smasung at the Product Release of the Galaxy Noite, the largest Digital Caricature Event of all Time
That's more like it

Kathy buskett has been drawing live caricatures professionally for 25 years. She drew in

Las Vegas at an array of all the big hotels and at Fremont street for a decade before moving to the Gulf Coast to be closer to family in 2016.

She is available for drawing at private parties, corporate events, and weddings and her sketches are always a “Draw.”

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