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More caricatures!

The city of Mobile hired me to come draw at their fall event last weekend. One awesome mom sent me a photo she took. Thank you! I couldn't find the text so I don't have a name to

Thank so shout-out to the nameless mom! Haha

More moms sending me fan photos. I love it when people send me photos and videos. Keep them coming!

That face! 😂

Ain't she cute? She even has the ruby slippers!

This was such a fun event. I love that the community here gets along so well in mobile. I have lived a lot of places and there are plenty of places (like philly where I grew up) that if you go to an event like this you'll likely have a public brawl. I am not exaggerating. But Not here! People wait patiently in line for over an hour to get drawn and they're happy and grateful for it. So polite too. This is a great place to live!

I thought this little guy looking at his drawing was cute 🥰 it's super baby!

By the way I specialize in drawing squirmy kids! I do more first birthday parties here in the south which is evidently a really big deal here. I wish I could recount here all the crazy over-the-top stuff I've seen at first birthdays!

Kids get to pick whatever "body" they want from signs I bring with me. This girl was dressed as tails from Sonic but wanted to be a dolphin rider! I think The juxtaposition of the two completely different things is funny 😄

This guys hair was too much!

I had such a fun time at this event and I know everyone else did too. Now they'll have memories that last a lifetime with my caricatures!

If you want memories that last a lifetime (custom art drawn on the spot in just a couple of minutes), shoot me a line!

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