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Caricature of Tom Holland

Updated: May 25

I love Spiderman. Always have. I remember watching the amazing Spider-Man as a kid.

I saw all the movies. Many of them multiple times.

So when I saw the latest iteration - no way home - and heard the cheers from the live audience as the filmmakers made older spider men Into mentors for the newest younger version of Peter Parker - well, I just had to capture that in ink!

This drawing is my tribute to Spiderman. It took many hours. I don't remember how many. It's colored digitally so it really pops.

Enjoy! But remember - with great power comes great responsibility!


My name is kathy Buskett. I’m a professional caricaturist. I draw live at events to make everyone laugh, drive in foot traffic, and create bespoke party and wedding favors that your guests will cherish for years to come.

If you want me to come to your private party, trade show, or even wedding and put smiles on all your guests faces (literally), contact me now. My calendar books up quickly so reserve your date before it’s gone!

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