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Is this image AI or not?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Find out in this article.

All of my caricatures are hand-Drawn and are NOT AI.

Most " caricature" sites nowadays are just AI.

Why pay for something you can do yourself, for free? Yep. You can do it for free by signing up for a free trial on one of the many AI generator sites, then cancel your trial. Why am I telling you this? After all, I'm selling caricatures. Well, if what you want is basically a photo booth experience, then be my guest. If what you want is ART, then hire me, or one of my many artist friends. But for heaven's sake, don't waste your money on AI images. Its crap, plain and simple. There, I said it.

AI takes away from true artist's income. Most artists are not living high on the hog, trust me.

And AI takes away from the customers that might hire us.

AI also is just plagiarism plain and simple. It generates it's images from images that have been posted on the internet. It doesn't give anyone compensation for them. And it's actually in court right now being decided up on whether or not this should be legal. I think you already know what side I weigh in on.

One way to tell is if the site claiming to be "hand drawn" is lying and is actually AI is if

the drawings look exactly like the photographs.

Another is if the turnaround is ONE DAY. That is generally not physically possible for a real artist, especially if they're cranking out hundreds of the exact same drawings per day.

You can also look at the order form. If the order form tells you to use "keywords" and tell them exactly what to put into the computer, its likely AI.

Finally, my tech genius son just told me that you can use an "AI detector" online. Google it. If you believe you've been ripped off and lied to and given AI instead of hand-drawn art, that's one way to tell.

DIGITAL art is not the same as AI. AI is a computer making something, and it can only do what it's told. Digital is when as artist such as myself draws on a tablet and the finished product is electronic. It still must have an artist to create it. Click on my BARBIE post below to see some digital art that I created from scratch.

As a matter of fact, another way to tell if your art is Digital or AI is that the DIGITAL (or hand drawn on a tablet) artist should be able to offer you a time lapse video of your art being created. AI can't do that because it isn't created by hand. It's just stolen from other people's art. I do offer this in my Caricatures from Photos Section.

ART is one of the things that makes us human. It is how we express ourselves. If we give that up to soulless machines, soon there will be no artisans left. We will become the equivalent of a society from the movie WALL-E, with no knowledge of what true art even is anymore., This goes for ALL the arts including music, acting, writing, screenwriting and whatever else they will come up with to replace the arts with a machine.

In conclusion, anyone with an AI generator can make a pretty picture. It takes an artist with thousands of hours of honing their craft to make a work of ART.

By the way, this image is definitely AI.

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Jan 22

I agree, but i think we can go into it in much more detail when we look at what people actually want in their art and the exact details. For instance you might ask to have a particular fish for a fisherman or if it's an office scene a number of items placed on the desk. For a human artist this is relatively easy to do but for AI I can only imagine the amount of typing that would be needed and the number of regeneration's required to get to somewhere near the result. Of course that does not mean that artists don't have a place to play in AI generated art. After all just as with text based AI…

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