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Top Secret: Tyndall Air Force Base Caricature Party

In my line of work, I'm privileged to work with many types of people and learn about them. It's rare that I get to do something I've never done before. But this was one of those times. I got to draw inside the compound of an Air Force base! How cool is that?

I was surprised by the fact that the people inside were just normal people, smiling laughing and talking. To them, the compound is home.

I have also never seen an event torn down faster! Haha. They tore down the entire thanksgiving operation which included the bounce house and the cafeteria style assembly line for thanksgiving dinner for the entire compound which was about 300 people in the same amount of time it took me to tear down my tent and signs - which was at most ten minutes. And I thought I was fast!

I wasn't allowed to take my phone into the compound. Thankfully a few people took pics and sent them to me. Here they are:

Oh did I mention the folks were choosing what bodies they wanted? This guy wanted to be "Superman" tearing off his outer shirt to reveal th S underneath. He had to put the glasses on to be authentically "Clark Kent" haha! #superman #clarkkent

Sorry for the glare.

A lovely shot of the #backofmyhead

Anyway it was a cool day and I'm thankful I got to be part of it. Shoutout to @daniellenayman Thanks so much for having me out!

If you want me to come to your next event and be a "draw," spread joy and laughter, and send everyone home with a custom piece of art as a party favor, give me a shout!

Here's what Celeste H had to say:

"Easiest party favors I've ever done!"

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