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I thought I'd share some of the highlights of this summer so far. I've been drawing more this year at events than I think I ever have! And that's pretty amazing since I've been drawing live for 25 years!

I'm so grateful to have a job I absolutely LOVE. And I'm grateful to all the people who let me draw them! I really do LOVE my customers. Thank you so much for your support!

This is Sara and her hubby Charlie. They had me out last week for a first - A blue angels viewing party! What a blast we all had despite the rain that cancelled the show! Thanks so much Sara I'm so glad I met you!

This is from an event the city of Robertsdale hired me for - a Luau with their senior group. What a blast we all had! They even had a ten person ukulele band! I wa so impressed with the heart for serving others the volunteers and the workers had. My hats off to you all.

This was a baby's first birthday party I drew at at oak hollow farm not ten minutes from my house in Fairhope. The theme was a day at the farm and ALL the guests came in costume. It was so CUTE! I love themed events and can draw little cartoon bodies for any type of theme!

This here's Jim. We met at a church school event near DeFuniak Springs. The church had an outreach - I give churches a discount by the way, and nonprofits too - and he asked me to make up a body. This just popped into my head and I thought it was funny til he told me he had just been at a family reunion where they really did have buckets of ice water to keep everyone cool by dipping their feet into it! Yep. I live in Alabama now :). And I love it!!! Jim if you read this thanks for being a great sport!

This fella wanted to be a cowboy so I obliged.

This particular event was a child's birthday party. What made this event special is that the entertainment was paid for as a surprise for the birthday kid - even the mom didn't know we were coming! She was crying tears of joy and I didn't snap her picture because of that. Evidently she's been going through a divorce and didn't have money for a fancy birthday party - so someone paid for both me and a balloon artist to come to her child's party. How moving. I was in tears myself. What an awesome way to cheer someone up who's going through a hard time. Please consider it!!

This couple was so awesome. I just had such a great time interacting with them. Sometimes you just connect with people, you know? Anyway I drew them at the beach club resort where I have been drawing twice a week all summer. My time these is coming to a close soon. I sure hope they have me back! I highly reccomend this resort. They are VERY family friendly which is exactly what I was looking for. I used to work in Vegas. I much prefer family friendly.

This couple got drawn at a company picnic I drew at least a hundred people that day and it threatened to rain but thankfully it didn't. Anyway I thought it was funny that they wanted to be Mario and peach - the guy was a dead ringer for Chris Pratt, who voices Mario!

Last but not least I am including a teenager from a sweet sixteen I worked at. This was held in malbis at a church and all the kids were such wholesome young people. It was really encouraging to hear them talking About the Lord. Yes I'm a Christian - and I really do try to follow Jesus not just in word but in deed too!

.This young man's drawing turned out the best of the party I think. I particularly loved the braids. Interestingly, the lady who hired me specified she wanted colored faces which is pretty rare. However I obliged, no problem. The customer is always right!

I have so many more photos. I will likely do another blog post like this with highlight but this is probably enough for one night.

See you next time!

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