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Spanish Fort Elementary Fundraiser

This is my third year doing this event and I'm happy to report I did well!

Here's a few of my favorite drawings from tonight for your entertainment

A big favorite choice - sleeping beauty. I think most little girls like this because her dress is pink!

This girl wanted her hair to be purple! I literally have never had that requests for my entire 25 year career. I had a hunch about her so I leaned in and asked her: "are you an artist?" Without hesitation she answered "yes!" 🥰

Finally, an exhausted family who waited in line an hour to get drawn. They seemed to really love it and that made me happy 😊 also note: anothe rsleeping beauty 💕

That's it for tonight! I was so busy I barely had time to take those!

I will be drawing caricatures at my usual rate at the eastern shore centers fall artisans festival next Saturday. I believe the hours are 12-8. I can draw from photos and I love drawing little cartoon bodies - and no one else in the are offers them so that makes me unique!

Come on out!

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